Center for IA/CD Education

Pennsylvania State University


Penn State Resources - College of Information Sciences and Technology - SRA club website - short list of Linux resources provided by Marc Freidenberg, Linux is pretty important in this field but sadly not many students have experience in it - really great site we get access to as students, containts online version of books for free. Can find books about Linux, Security+, and many others


Course and Related Resources - SRA-111 - Introduction to Security and Risk Analysis - IST-451 - Network Security - IST-454 - Computer and Cyber Forensics - IST-456 - Information Security Management


Security Tools - Free Virus software with download - Maybe pull some resources off from Dr.Santoro’s resource Page? Common Vulnerabilites and Exposures. International in scope and free for public use, it is a dictionary of publicly known information security vulnerabilities and exposures - 10 steps to protecting your computer - Free and useful pen testing suite/tool - Continually updating ranking/listing of the top 125 security tools (good know about, not necessarily need experience in)


Security Tutorials and Videos Free and opne course about Hacking Techniques and Intrusion Detection (site also has other free course regarding security) free training and videos about security, networks, etc. - Free online tutorials - site for security/hacking/pen test information


Events - This is a website that contains dates and descriptions of cyber security events all over the world. We may not need to use this link but we can most definitely pull events and such out from this page - IST events - cyber competitions - Cyber camps and clubs - website for Blackhat security conference events (contains archives of previous events, videos, discussions papers, etc) - website for defcon security conference (contains archives of previous events, videos, discussions papers, etc)


Web Resources and Portals - Anti-virus software review for 2014 - Website that contains everything from buyer guides to tips on keeping your computer safe. Similar to the cyberwire website, just without the events - Huffington Post cyber security page - General IT news - More security and IT news - Created by the NCSA, it is a website dedicated to helping users protect their computer and giving info about cyber security and events. - NIST portal to news and information about various InfoSec and Cyber areas - website which compiles news about various defense industry issues around the world (includes cyber, non-cyber, etc) - Aggeregate of it security whitepapers - excellent resource that contains a blog, resource for certifications (excellent recognition), free and paid training courses, pen testing, and more - free online magazine for security - Kaspersky internet security center, news site about various and recent security issues - news and magazine site for infosec issues - security news site - excellent collection of information and cyber security news, can break into different topical sections - excellent news blog/resource of what is happening in federal technology - news/blog site that covers a wide range to technology and security issues - magazine for various tech and security topics/articles


Blogs and Journals - Latest news on cyber crime and cyber attacks, cyber security, and current affairs - online magazine which publishes reports about Cyber defense issues, etc. Publishes some whitepapers, the magazine is sent via email in PDF format Bruce Schneier’s webblog covering security and security technology, Bruce is by far one of the most renown and goto security “gurus” currently - Slashdot, blog with a variety ot tech and security news - lots of tech news, including new and upcomming things. Not much security related though - blog about a lot of cyber and information security items - blog about security issues - CNN security blog - the guardian’s technology blog/section - BBC news tech blog/section


Government Resources - The DHS cyber security page. Good page to learn more about the topic and how to protect your computer. - FBI cyber crime page - NSA page National vulnerability database managed by NIST and US government - Common computer security tips. Includes everything from responding to a identity theft to handling worms,viruses and malware. - NIST 800 series publican portal, this is the series of particial importance and interest to the computer security communty (e.g. 800 - 30, 800-53, etc) - the DoD’s site for news regarding defense issues in the world


Uncategorized: - explains what data privacy day is (jan 28th) - explains national cyber security awarness month (october) - allows you to search internships related to cyber security - Cyber security research alliance - history of cyber attacks - really great guide by NIST which explains and categories their many, many publications into common categories. Makes it easier to determine which document or publication falls under what “sector”

Twitter feeds - Many of these provide up-to-the-minute security announcements - IST twitter page. Maybe we could provide other links that take people to a certain twitter page. This could be useful as a resource because you can gain - account with provides updates of different security updates and links to news and academic articles


MOOCs - some may cover security - can use to search for free security and technology related courses, but this site searches across ALL known MOOC offerings, so not just one wesite’s - can use to search for free security and technology related courses

List of sites which provide free lecture videos (majority of security-related subject matter can be found under Computer Science listings)

· (videos of MIT class online for free)