Survivable Systems Project


We have successfully developed survivable database systems in our previous research. In this project, we extend our research to survivable networked information systems.

There are two research threads:

  1. As the first viable and maybe the most widely accepted and enforced proposal to effectively coordinate multiple, heterogeneous information resources and monitor the overall process in the execution of a business process, workflow management systems (WFMS) support a variety of real world applications. In this research, we will develop (a) survivable WFMS, and (b) the techniques to build survivable large scale distributed applications through survivable WFMS.
  2. Existing intrusion tolerance or attack response mechanisms are heavily dependent on the accuracy and timeliness of intrusion detection, and the intrusion detector is believed to be a key component that every survivable system must have. In this research, we try to develop good survivable systems that are not dependent on intrusion detection, or have much less dependence on intrusion detection (compared with existing survivable systems).

    In particular, we focus on both perfect and imperfect attack masking techniques where redundancy is smartly used to mask intrusions.


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 This research is partially supported by NSF CCR-0233324 and DARPA OASIS program