Peng Liu

Raymond G. Tronzo, M.D. Professor of Cybersecurity


College of IST

Director, Cyber Security Lab

Director, LIONS Center

Pennsylvania State University, University Park

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What is new

-- (September 2023) Recently, I gave a talk on “AI for Cybersecurity: Current Status and the Role of GPT-4”: slides

-- Cyber Security Lab “AI for Cybersecurity” Initiative

-- We just published a first handbook of “AI for Cybersecurity” use cases:

Research interests

-- AI for Cybersecurity (Can Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning enhance cybersecurity?)

-- Security issues with IoT + Edge Cloud + AI + 5G 

Popular press

-- My group’s research has been featured in Scientific American, The Association Press, The Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Business Week, Forbes, MSNBC, ABC Money, and PC World.


To join my group: I am regularly looking for motivated students and post-docs.



-- Email: pliu AT

-- 413D PSIH Building, University Park, PA 16802; 814-863-0641 (o)

Services (selected)

-- Program Committees: USENIX ATC’24, DSN’24, ESORICS’24

-- Editors-in-Chief, Journal of Computer Security

-- Program Co-Chair, IEEE/IFIP DSN 2022

-- Program Co-Chair, ACM SACMAT 2020

-- Program Co-Chair, ACM IoT S&P Workshop 2019

-- Program Co-Chair, IEEE CNS 2018 

-- Sponsorship Co-Chair, ACM CCS 2017

-- Program Co-Chair, ACM MTD Workshop 2016

-- Steering Committee Chair, SecureComm, 2008-2014

-- Program Co-Chair, ACM AsiaCCS 2010

-- Executive Editor-in-Chief, Cybersecurity, a SpringerOpen Journal, since 2017

My Erdos number: 3