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Work of Dongwon Lee

Cyber Security Lab

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Work of Dongwon Lee



  • Faculty

·       Peng Liu, Director

·       Linhai Song

·       Anna Squicciarini

·       Dinghao Wu

·       Xingyu Xing

·       Heng Xu

·       Sencun Zhu


Additionally, Nan Zhang, John Yen, Vasant Honavar, Chao Chu, Dongwon Lee, and Prasenjit Mitra are involved in cybersecurity research in conjunction with their other interests.

  • Current PhD Students and Postdocs

1.    Dr. Le Guan, post-doc, IST, homepage

2.    Dr. Chen Cao, post-doc, IST

3.    Dr. Fanfu Zhou, post-doc, Shanghai Jiaotong University & PSU

4.    Eunjung Yoon, PhD student, CSE

5.    Gaoyao Xiao, Part Time PhD candidate, IST

6.    Jun Xu, PhD candidate, IST, homepage

7.    Pinyao Guo, PhD candidate, IST

8.    Lunpin Yuan, PhD student, CSE  

9.    Sadegh Farhang, PhD student, IST

10. Dongliang Mu, Visiting PhD student, IST

11. Wenhui Zhang, PhD student, IST

12. Xusheng Li, PhD student, IST

13. Qingtian Zou, PhD student, IST

14. Tengfei Tu, Visiting PhD student, IST

15. Lingyun Situ, Visiting PhD student, IST

16. Zhi Chen, Visiting PhD student, IST


  • Alumni

·       Lannan Luo (PhD 2017), Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina

·       Wenhui Hu (PhD 2016)

·       Mingyi Zhao (PhD 2016), Snapchat, LA, to join

·       Bo Chen (post-doc, 2015-16), Assistant Professor, Michigan Tech University

·       Xiaoyan Sun (PhD 2016), Assistant Professor, California State University

·       Chuangang Ren (PhD 2016), Google, Android Security Teams, Silicon Valley

·       Chen Zhong (PhD 2016), Assistant Professor, Indiana University at Kokomo

·       Heqing Huang (PhD, 2016), Technical Staff Member, IBM Research, T.J. Watson Center, New York 

·       Jun Wang (PhD, 2015), Polo Alto Networks, Silicon Valley 

·       Bin Zhao (PhD, 2015), Polo Alto Networks, Silicon Valley 

·       Qiang Zeng (PhD, 2014), Assistant Professor, Temple University

·       Jun Dai (PhD, 2014), Assistant Professor, California State University

·       Kai Chen (post-doc, 2012-14), Full Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 

·       Zhi Xin (PhD, 2013) (joint PhD training, 2011-12), Marvell Technology Group Ltd, Shanghai, China

·       Robert Cole (PhD, 2012), Raytheon

·       Shengzhi Zhang (PhD, 2012), Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Technology

·       Xi Xiong (PhD, 2012), Facebook

·       Jian Liu (PhD, 2012) (joint PhD training, 2010-12), Associate Professor, Nanjing Polytechnic University, China

·       Donghai Tian (PhD, 2012) (joint PhD training, 2009-2012), Assistant Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

·       Fengjun Li (PhD, 2011), Assistant Professor, EECS, University of Kansas  

·       Jingqiang Lin (post-doc, 2010-11), Full Professor, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

·       Kun Bai (PhD, 2010), Technical Staff Member, IBM Research, T. J. Watson Center, New York

·       Yoon-Chan Jhi (PhD, 2010), Samsung R&D, Korea

·       Jun Shao (post-doc, 2008-10), Full Professor, CS, Zhejiang Gongshang University (China)

·       Deguang Kong (PhD, 2010) (joint PhD training, 2008-10), senior research scientist at Samsung Research America, Silicon Valley

·       Junfeng Yu (PhD, 2010) (joint PhD training, 2009-10), Assistant Professor, Wuhan Polytechnic University, China; Singapore Institute for Infocomm Research

·       Xiaoqi Jia (PhD, 2009) (joint PhD training, 2007-09), Full Professor, Univ. of Chinese Academy of Sciences

·       Yoon-Ho Choi (post-doc, 2009-2009), Assistant Professor, Pusan National University , Korea

·       Bo Luo (PhD, 2008), Associate Professor (with tenure), EECS, University of Kansas

·       Kameswari Kotapati (PhD, 2008)

·       Lunquan Li (PhD, 2008), First employment: Assistant Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences

·       Hai Wang (PhD, 2007), First employment: Assistant Professor, IST, Penn State Worthington Scranton; Current: Research Scientist, Hitachi, Inc.

·       Pramote Luenam (PhD, 2007), Assistant Professor, Thailand National Institute of Development Administration

·       Qijun Gu (PhD, 2005), Associate Professor (with tenure), CS, Texas State University

·       Meng Yu (postdoc, 2002-04) Associate Professor (with tenure), CS, University of Texas, San Antonio

·       Wanyu Zang (postdoc, 2002-04), Assistant Professor, CS, Virginia Commonwealth University