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Work of D. Lee

Cyber Security Lab

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Work of D. Lee


Umbrella Projects:


·       DoD MURI: Adaptive Cyber Defense 

·       ARO MURI: Computer-aided Human Centric Cyber Situation Awareness

·       Initiative: Secure Internet of Things (IoT)

·       Initiative: Applying deep learning to software security

·       Initiative: Security of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

Current Projects (selected):

·       NSF: CPS-security: attack-resilient automated control of UAVs 

·       ARO: unexplained network events

·       NSF: Towards Agile and Privacy Preserving Cloud Computing

·       NSF: Obfuscation-resilient Software Plagiarism Detection 

·       NSF: Privacy Protection in Social Networks

·       New: Using hardware features of ARM to develop new Android security capabilities 

·       NIST: Actionable mission impact analysis

·       ONR: Towards Secure Lean Software

·       Malware analysis: classification and attribution

Past Projects:

·       ARL ITA: Secure Data Querying in Coalition Networks

·       Privilege Separation in Linux Kernels

·       Patrol: Detection of Zero-day Attack Paths in Enterprises

·       NSA: New Techniques towards Active Defense

·       NSF: Software Cruising for Systems Security

·       AFOSR MURI: Practical Solutions to Server Room Machine Healthcare  

·       NSF TC: Towards Self-Protecting Data Centers: A Systematic Approach

·       Arbiter: Data-centric Privilege Separation for Multithreaded Applications

·       ITDB: Self-Healing Data Base and Workflow Management Systems

·       GameSec: A Game Theoretic Approach to Attack Prediction

·       EMIST: Testing Security on Testbeds

·       L3: XML Security

·       SigFree: Signature Free Approaches to Filter Remote Exploits

·       PWC: Proactive Worm Containment