(Work of Dongwon Lee)

Cyber Security Lab

(Work of Dongwon Lee)


Software Release

SigFree Toolkit

Title: SigFree – A Signature Free Buffer Overflow Attack Blocker


Description: A (proxy) toolkit to block buffer overflow attacks to a variety of Internet services. 



ESVT Toolkit

Title: ESVT – Network Security Experiment Specification and Visualization Toolkit





A toolkit to assist experimenters to do Internet security experiment specification and visualization on such test-bets as DETER and EMULAB.



Download ESVT Version 1.0: 


Follow this link




Title: ITDB – An Intrusion Tolerant Database System Prototype




A prototype that can evolve a commercial database system into an attack resilient system that can survive malicious transactions.

Good for Oracle 8 and above database applications that are developed based on OCI calls.


Composed of roughly 30,000 lines of multithreaded C++ and PL/SQL code. 



Download ITDB Windows Version:


Description of the list of components to download

ITDB Installation Manual

ITDB User Manual

ITDB Components (in Binary format)


Demonstration Credit Card Application

ITDB Internal-use and Demo Database

ITDB Supporting Scripts